Photos compressing and resizing

Optimising survey photo’s

High resolution photographs taken with the latest digital cameras or smart phones will need to be reduced by the Surveyor and uploaded then included in their survey reports without reducing the quality of the photographs. There are several companies offering software in order to compress/resize/optimise photos such as Optimizilla, Jpegmini, ImageOptimizer, RIOT Radical Image Optimization Tool and many more. If you do not already optimise your photos you will need to ensure that they are jpegs of approximately 25-75KB with an average file size of approximately 15 – 60MB What you need to ensure is that the software you use is able to upload and reduce multiple photos and that the reduction is 60-80%. 

Guide to optimize photos using JPEGmini free software

JPEGmini provide a free trial which can be upgraded to an unlimited 28MP programme or Pro version which has unlimited 50MP and has further features such as being 8x faster, lightroom plug-in.

Photo optimisation

Either download our Step by Step Guide to resizing Photos by clicking on the Reducing Photos icon or scroll down to see how you can reduce the size of photos.

Reducing/compressing photos

Step by Step guide to using free JPEGmini software

Reducing the size of photos is a simple process, which is easy to follow with our guide below.


Step One

Log onto and create an account with your email address and provide your chosen password. You will soon receive a confirmation email from JPEGmini and you will be able to start reducing the size of your photos.

If you wish you can upgrade to JPEGmini with unlimited 28MP photos after a free trial period or JPEFmini Pro with unlimited 50MP, up to 8x faster and lightroom plug-in for a fee.

Step Two

Try it now.

Click on the “Upload Your Photos” icon at the top left of the website page

 selecting your photos

 Click on Select Photos icon

 You can select multiple photos as the tip box states by holding down the “ctrl” key whilst clicking on the photos you wish to resize.

selection of photos

Click on “Open” for your selected photos to start to upload to be resized.

You will see “Uploading photos to a new album” with a green bar showing you the progress of the uploading/resizing.

uploading photos to album 

You can name the photo album at this stage by adding your chosen name within the “Album name” box

Step Three

You will see a screen telling you “Your photo album has finishing uploading and is now scheduled for processing” later followed by “Your album is ready!”

album ready


You will receive an email with a link to your resized album of photos.

email confirmation


You will also see the website page showing your Album with an icon to allow you to download the resized photos to a file on your computer.

photos readyStep Four

Your photos have been reduced in size.

You can now upload your compressed photos to our CRM system for use in your survey.

You are given a choice on JPEGmini to either “Keep Album” or “Delete Album”