What we do for you

What we do for you

We will speak to the client, we will arrange the survey. The contract is however between you and the client. You will then be able to speak to the client and meet them at the survey and guide them through any problems, issues and opportunities that you’ve identified.

Survey Executive Summaries

Our Executive Summaries are divided into Good, Bad and Ugly. We have decided to use these terms because we believe that many reports are very negative.

The Good section where you can identify the potential of the property.

The Bad section contains, what we would term as, solvable problems, or problems that you consider your client will be happy to negotiate on, or deal with.

The Ugly section is when you are recommending your client to walk away.  This could be because it is beyond the limits of their risk profile, which obviously varies differently from client to client.  We have in the past, as Surveyors, recommended the client buys properties with structural problems as it suits what our client wants to do and equally we have recommended clients where there is a high level of maintenance not to purchase as the property wouldn’t suit their risk profile/lifestyle.

Example Executive Summaries

Take a look at one of our example surveys by clicking on the adjacent links

We have examples here of old and modern property templates and have a large database of all types and Eras of properties from Tudor to Non Traditional to New builds and from Bungalows to Semi and Detached to Flats.

Each of our templates have been tried and tested and we don't stop there as they are revised to fine tune to ensure they are easy to use and up to date with information as well as including many of our unique survey sketches too.

We will help you with any survey template queries

Our templates are easy to use and contain carefully worded plain English text, image boxes for photos and sketches to be inserted, building definitions and within the Appendices some of our many surveying articles appropriate to the particular Era template.  If you need any help with our Era templates then our team of PA's and secretaries are always happy to help; they have been using helping with the development of our templates for many years.

For example: Removing helpful information comments

Our survey templates contain helpful information and comments in green text at the beginning of each Era template and throughout the Executive Summary, External, Internal, Services and Limitations sections.  To remove these quickly all you need to do is follow the following steps which will vary slightly according to the version of Microsoft Word you are using:-

Step 1:

Click on Edit then Replace


Edit then Find

Step 2:

Click on More then Format then Font then Font Colour clicking on green (standard dark green) followed by OK


Advanced Find then Replace, click on arrow on left to reveal drop down menu then click on Format, Font, Font Colour (select font colour you wish to replace) then OK

Step 3:

Click on Replace all and they will disappear from the entire template document



Our team are here if you need us we are just a phone call away

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